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SS and Aluminum Stockpots & Steamer Baskets

Aluminum & Stainless Steel Stockpots, Steamer Baskets & Lids

Did you think you could have a successful seafood potluck without a durable stainless steel stock pot? Longevity, durability, and tested quality is what sets Bayou Classic stainless steel stock pots apart from their competition. A trusted name in cookware, Bayou Classic also has aluminum stock pots that are durable and tough too! You can use these pots for boiling water or steaming crabs, but did you know you can also use these stainless steel and aluminum stockpots as fryers? Capable of handling insane amounts of heat, these stock pots can be used indoors on your stovetop or outdoors on a propane burner. They are that versatile.

If you already have enough SS and aluminum stock pots, then why not get a couple of stainless steel or aluminum steamer baskets and get more use out of them? These perforated steamer baskets all have carrying handles, and some even feature a helper handle. The helper handle, secured at the base of the basket, gives you something to grab onto when pouring out the contents.

Turn your next backyard gathering into a success, deep frying, seafood steaming, and vegetable boiling with a stainless steel stockpot. These mamajamas make everything perfect, every time. Looking for a simple brew setup, check out the selection of stock pots with spigots. There is truly something for every chef or brewer at Bayou Classic Canada, no matter your skill level or mastery over the open flame. Bring more than games and excitement to your next gathering, bring a Bayou Classic stainless steel stock pot and let the flames begin. With such a great value and amazingly superior quality, the only thing left to consider is how big of a stockpot and steamer basket do you need? Looking for a bargain, check out the stockpot kits.

Need an outdoor burner to use your new aluminum stock pots? Take a look at our propane burner - stockpot size chart first to make sure that you are purchasing one that is compatible.
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