What is Home Brew About?
What are homebrew's and why do people bother?

Homebrew Definition: Beer or other alcoholic drink brewed at home, rather than in a store or factory.

Hey we all want to save a buck, but is it worth it? Certainly!!

How easy is it to homebrew?

  • One of the first decisions you have to make is how much you would like to spend, and know the parts your looking for, our Discount Keg Kits store will have everything needed to brew.
  • According to most, Homebrewing beer can even be done in a kitchen or apartment, so literally everyone can make a beer and reap (drink) what they sowed in work.
  • One of the easiest and normally first step for the new brewer in you is to start with a pre-made beer kit.
  • Another fine point to remember is that homebrew beer is the work and rewards from it can be very well enjoyed. When your friends are over drinking your labours, it makes you feel good knowing you made something that's easily enjoyable.
  • With all the possible combinations, 'your' brands will never get stale, they can always be newly formulated or tailored to the perfect recipe. Hey, everyone of the major brands started just where you are now!! Pure Excitement!!
  • It's a hobby as well as a passion for many! Who wouldn't want to take credit for making a better brew then the Major or Micro brewery boys and girls??

The beautiful part of our Discount Keg Kits Products is the money you'll save, which will turn into more beer made and more good times ahead to enjoy!!

  • Start your brew right with literature on brewing. We stock many fine books for the beginner or experienced brewer who wants to pick up more tips to make the best beer for your time, energy, and the mighty buck.
  • Some book examples from our stock include:
    • 250 Classic Clone Recipes Special Issue - Perfect for trying your hand at copying the 'big guys' brands recipes and your favorite brands recipes.
    • Clone Brews - Same as above, make the major recipes as best you can, see if you can 'Clone' the 'big guys' brands.
    • Designing great beers - Great info for better Homebrew beer brewing and techniques.
    • Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers - Great theories for all the people looking for remedies that are not the typical normally practiced medicine. Who wouldn't want to drink a beer to heal oneself?
    • Yeast- The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation - Information on one of the main ingredients for the beer making process.

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