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Bayou Classic Replacement Parts & Burner Accessories

There comes a time in ever cook/chef/ or grill master's life when their equipment starts to slow down. Perhaps their burners have missed a good cleaning or two over the years. Luckily we've got all the authentic Bayou Classic burner accessories you need to get your next potluck or homebrew back up and running again with a wide range of regulators, spigots, hoses, valves and more. If it is a Bayou Classic, then it will last a lifetime (with genuine Bayou parts, proper care and maintenance). Need to know if your grease or Turkey have hit that perfect temperature yet? Yeah, we thought so, which is why Bayou Classic carries a wide assortment of indoor/outdoor cooking thermometers. Get to know your meat on the inside, not just the outside.

One essential burner accessory for your outdoor burner is a propane hose. We usually don't think about these much-needed add-ons except for when we are changing our propane tank, and if you seem to be changing your tank more often, there could be a reason other than you are using your burner more. A better product was needed, and Bayou Classic listened once again. We are now stocking their stainless steel braided hoses. You may ask, "why should I go to all the trouble and expense of producing a braided stainless steel hose for a propane tank?" The answer is quite simple. While deep frying or cooking on your outdoor burners you may have boil overs or grease that drips on your hose, what better way to attract nearby rodents, and have you ever looked at their pointy little teeth? The cost of a Stainless Steel braided hose is not that much, and if you are replacing your current type of propane hose on a regular basis (due to the elements or rodents chewing through it), purchasing a braided stainless steel hose will help to keep more money in your pocket for important things - like buying more food to fry.

Similar to a car, your burners, cookers, and grills need maintenance, and yes, it can be a frustrating hassle to remember to do it every single time. Life is busy, and we get it, which is why your outdoor cooking equipment should not take the hit. Keep your Bayou Classic burners and cookers up-to-date and in working order with a fantastic selection of Bayou Classic burner accessories and replacement parts.
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