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Experience a world where every sizzle, every smell, and every authentic flavour emanates from your new non-stick Bayou Classic pre-seasoned cast iron cookware. Ultimate versatility meets amazing flavour-locking technology that has been around forever! You can use cast iron cookware for baking, frying, grilling, and even slow roasting. You can probably also dip them into a volcano and cook from there; well maybe not a volcano but you can use these over open flames without worry.

Were you aware that cast iron is induction ready? That's right, no need to worry about whether or not you can use any of our cast iron pieces of cookware on your induction stove, because you can! Some induction stovetops may become scratched over time if they are not adequately protected, so read the manufacturers recommendations on the proper use of cast iron on an induction ready stovetop.

It is true! You cannot enjoy cooking perfection without using well-seasoned cast iron cookware. Skip the pre-seasoning step and get right to cooking. Seasoning creates a protective layer that keeps food from sticking to the pan and the geniuses at Bayou Classic kept this in mind, which is why with proper care, these bad boys will last a freaking lifetime. (continue reading below for more information and how to care for your cast iron cookware)

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Bayou Classic | Cast Iron Fajita Pan Cast Iron Fajita Pan
Our Price: $36.99
Cast Iron Wok - 12 inches Cast Iron Wok - 12"
Our Price: $65.99
From jambalaya pots to griddle tops, cast iron skillets to Dutch ovens, Bayou Classic seasoned cast iron cookware delivers a quality of natural superiority in every piece of cast iron cookware toting the Bayou Classic name. These things will last so long your children’s’ children will be passing these seasoned cast irons down for generations. So make your next cast iron cookware purchase from an “Authorized Bayou Classic Dealer” and get a set that will outlive you and your future family tree.

Thank you to Lucy Waverman for allowing us to reprint her article "I just got a cast-iron frying pan. What do I do with it?" that was published by the Globe and Mail, Feb. 13, 2018