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Sometimes life happens off the fryers and grills, adding diversity to your curious palate. You may not know but, Bayou Classic does more than provide the best outdoor cooking, frying, and brewing equipment on the market. Enjoy roasting trays, jalapeno pepper racks, and even sturdy and reliable ceramic pizza stones, for those times when you need something different. Have you ever made a wood-fired pizza, while camping? Well, if you haven’t: IT’S EPIC! You heard right, camping and tailgating just got a little more interesting, with Bayou Classic’s wide range of Assorted Classics, perfect on or off the grill.

Skimmers, spoons, and seasoning injectors oh my! If you are still living in the past, welcome to the future! Outdoor cooking is done right, thanks to the superior quality and always-durable Bayou Classic line. So whether you are making a delicious Paella or preparing a chicken for your stainless steel beer can chicken rack we have you covered. Bayou Classic products are professional quality, keeping your budget a priority. Backed by Bayou Classic: Cooking made so fun, the whole family will want to help!

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Bayou Classic | Aluminum Ladle Aluminum Ladle
Our Price: $18.99
Bayou Classic | Steel Planter - 12" Steel Planter - 12"
Our Price: $219.99
Bayou Classic | Tan Cooler - 25L Tan Cooler - 25L
Our Price: $269.99
Bayou Classic | Tan Cooler - 45L Tan Cooler - 45L
Our Price: $339.99
Bayou Classic | White Cooler - 25L White Cooler - 25L
Our Price: $269.99
Bayou Classic | White Cooler - 45L White Cooler - 45L
Our Price: $339.99