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Aluminum Deep Fry Pots, Turkey Fryers and More!

Can you hear that roaring sound? It’s the sound of our Bayou Classic stainless steel turkey fryers standing by to create that perfectly crispy outside layer that shouts: I’m the best chef! If you are typical, then you probably only use a deep fryer occasionally. For those of us who aren’t afraid to play with the grease; Bayou Classic has a fantastic lineup of superior outdoor cooking equipment and accessories. Don’t sweat the small stuff because, at Bayou Classic, we have your back, no matter what you want to fry.

Hop on board the Bayou Classic frying section! Deep fry your way into the hearts of all your loved ones this year with a Bayou Classic fryer. With a name like Bayou Classic, you don't even have to wonder why it is known as the best outdoor cooking, grilling, and brewing supplier on the planet? Why go with an inferior product, especially when you want to make an excellent meal? Are you looking for outdoor stainless steel fryers, indoor SS or aluminum fry pots or complete kits featuring stainless steel turkey fryers for that Christmas or Thanksgiving meal? If so, we have you covered. Do not sacrifice your integrity and quality by choosing outside the Bayou Classic family.

All Bayou Classic Deep Fryers and Propane Burners are for outdoor use ONLY!

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