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Bayou Classic Replacement Hardware

Are you seriously considering tossing out your grill because of a regulator control valve? You must not be aware of the awesome selection of rough & tough Bayou Classic hardware that is available. Replace your old rubber hose with a strong and pest proof stainless steel braided hose or install a new needle valve to ensure maximum control over your flame. Use a propane splitter and double your fun. You would be crazy to give up on a Bayou Classic, especially when all it would take is one of these small pieces that can stop you from wasting hundreds on a new grill.

Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade! Stop using outdoor cookware from the Stone Age. Grab your Bayou Classic and, upgrade your cooking experience. Refit your life and your outdoor cooking by customizing your Bayou Classic with upgraded hardware. Looking to add more power to your jet burner with a new control regulator, well now you can! Fix, change, and propel your Bayou Classic grill into the new age. Don’t run from raw power. It’s Bayou Classic and it’s about time you recognized REAL quality.

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