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cast iron casserole dishes in Canada

Cast Iron Cookware - Dutch Ovens, Soup Pots and More!

Feel like we left something out? Nope, we stuffed all of the other Bayou Classic goodies here for safe keeping. Take your time and look around, the best part about a miscellaneous section is, you never know what awesome products you can find. We have thrown in a cast iron bacon press, who doesn’t like a grand serving of crispy Applewood smoked bacon strips? The more the merrier we always say. If a bacon press was not impressive enough, we have a whole bacon pressing kit, complete with a cast iron pan to cook your bacon in.

Have you tried cooking in a Dutch oven before to satisfy those long roasting recipes? It can be used as a fryer too. Bayou Classic cast iron cookware is so awesome because most things have more than one use. Never go wrong with Bayou Classic, cast iron soup pots, saucepans even a roaster. Whip up meals fit for a king, and satisfy the entire family when it is your turn to play chef.

Do you want to use these cast iron pieces over an open flame? Many come with handle hangers so you can do just that, check out the Bayou Classic Dutch oven tripod.
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