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Are you looking to become an outdoor CookMaster? Well, luckily you just stumbled upon the most excellent outdoor burners and cookers on the market. Backed by the legendary Bayou Classic name, choose from outdoor dual burners or single stainless steel, standard, or stand-alone propane burners to get your COOK on! Upgrade your hoses to durable Bayou Classic High-Pressure hoses to ensure you have no blowouts. Turn any of your Bayou Classic Frying Kits into a beast by adding a Bayou Classic propane burner. If you are looking for propane burners or cookers you are going to replace and keep replacing, then you have landed in the wrong place.

Bayou Classic has many different models and sizes of propane brewing burners. Not too sure what size burner you need for your new brew kettle or stockpot? Here is a handy chart, so you will know what size propane cooker/burner will accommodate the stockpot you have.

Stay in tune with your food with a Bayou Classic thermometer to accompany your fish fryer to ensure that golden crispy crust, every time! Reliable cookers and burners you can continue to count on time and time again. Why settle for anything less than spectacular? Why settle for anything less than a Bayou Classic? Outdoor cooking & brewing equipment you can trust to deliver results! Check out the full world of Bayou Classic and learn why it is upgrading cooking experiences across the globe.

We also have replacement high pressure "Banjo" burners made of cast iron and aluminum. Not sure which outdoor cooker or propane burner you need, take a look at our Cooker - Replacement Burner table to find the one you need quickly.

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