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Can you believe it? Well, we can. Besides, you were looking for quality that you can count on no matter what, durability that can handle the abuse, and a name you can proudly trust. Looks like you have found us. Wasn’t that hard to follow the trail of high quality stocks, pots, kettles, grills and more was it? If you are still lost or are too blinded by the awesome selection: Welcome to Bayou Classic Canada. Your authorized dealer of Bayou Classic outdoor cooking and home brewing products. It is a lot to take in, so take your time and enjoy the selection.

Often times, there comes a point where one must show off their mastery of the outdoor survival skill that is COOKING. There is no need to fret or have fear because Bayou Classic is here and ready to help you grill and brew beer. You have found quality. Now, what are you going to do about it?
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Bayou Classic | Aluminum Ladle Aluminum Ladle
Our Price: $18.99
Bayou Classic | Ash Rake Ash Rake
Our Price: $13.49
Bayou Classic | Cast Iron Fajita Pan Cast Iron Fajita Pan
Our Price: $36.99
Cast Iron Wok - 12 inches Cast Iron Wok - 12"
Our Price: $65.99
Bayou Classic | Garden Hose Adapter Garden Hose Adapter
Our Price: $11.29
Bayou Classic | 18" Griddle Cooker Griddle Cooker - 18"
Our Price: $153.99
Pre-assembled Mini Charcoal Grill Mini Charcoal Grill
Our Price: $334.99
Bayou Classic | Steel Planter - 12" Steel Planter - 12"
Our Price: $219.99
Bayou Classic | Tan Cooler - 25L Tan Cooler - 25L
Our Price: $269.99
Bayou Classic | Tan Cooler - 45L Tan Cooler - 45L
Our Price: $339.99
Bayou Classic | White Cooler - 25L White Cooler - 25L
Our Price: $269.99
Bayou Classic | White Cooler - 45L White Cooler - 45L
Our Price: $339.99