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Stainless Steel Burners

Stainless Steel Burners and Cookers

Cooking inside is one of the biggest snooze fests ever. Which is why, thanks to Bayou Classic, enjoying the outdoors is fun once again. There’s no need to increase the heat inside of your home when you can use stainless steel burners with all the power, durability, and versatility, one needs, packaged in a small super-charged propane burner. Don't get stuck inside, slaving over the hot stove…Take your next potluck, seafood boil, or barbeque to the backyard and crank up the heat like a pro with a shiny new Bayou Classic stainless steel burner.

Prepare for take-off and thrust yourself into a completely new cooking experience, using propane cookers with high-pressure jets and banjos burners, used by brewers, chefs, backyard cooks and camping enthusiasts. There is a stainless steel burner for any level of outdoor cooking, whether you are preparing for a fish fry or boiling water for a seafood boil, doing it over a Bayou Classic stainless steel burner will help you achieve total perfection. Why bother with inferior burners, when you can skip the bull by playing it smart with a Bayou Classic burner. Superior durability that cannot be matched.

Do you want to know which stockpot will work with what burner? Take a look at this handy burner to capacity chart.
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