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Banjo Burners

High-Pressure Aluminum and Cast Iron Banjo Burners

Are you ready to put your Bayou Classic BG 10, 12, or 14 on overdrive? Get the most out of your Bayou Classic burners by always having a spare stand alone burner, ready to replace your old one when it gives out. Supercharge your propane burners with a variety of stand-alone cast iron burners. Whether you are looking to repair, upgrade, or taking advantage of always having a clean flame on your cooking set, then you already know Bayou Classic is here to lend a hand.

Have you left your banjo burners uncovered? Did you forget to clean them here and there? Now you are left with a burner that only half works. Some flames can wiggle past the gunk, while most of them are left plugged. Bring your Bayou Classic cooker back to life, toss that dirty burner aside and enjoy the raw power that a new high pressure cast iron banjo burner can deliver. Why toss out the whole rig, when you can replace what your cooker needs and lets you get back to being the ultimate backyard chef.
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