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Standard Burners

It’s okay. We don’t care if you stare. These standard burners are anything but 'standard', they are magnificent, and toting the Bayou Classic name means they are strong enough to handle rough commercial abuse, made available to folks like you and me. Obtain the perfect gold coating during your next frying session or steam an entire 100 quart pot of delicious lobster; it doesn’t matter because these all-welded steel frames are constructed with maximum durability and performance in mind. Save yourself some time and go with a Bayou Classic burner, built to last where all others have failed.

Do you hear that thunderous noise? That is the sound of your new Bayou Classic double jet cooker, preparing to take your next outdoor party to an entirely new level. Become the chef or brewmaster you were always meant to be. Upgrade your life and your food with a 'brand' you can always depend on. Upgrade with a Bayou Classic standard burner and show off your culinary mastery at your next tailgating or backyard gathering. Never let down your hungry crowd again. Create masterpiece after masterpiece using these outdoor burners. No matter where you take your Bayou Classic burner, it will always be ready at a moment's notice.

If you take a look at the 'Standard Burner' section of this compatibility chart you will know if the burner you are buying is the right size.
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