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Steam & Boil Kits

Enough shopping for steam and boil kits anywhere else, you will just be kidding yourself once you have compared them to the fantastic quality of a Bayou Classic kit. Hover around the 44-quart equipment kit to feed a few people or level up your experience and make enough for the whole block with 82 quarts sets. Whether it is a seafood boil or a massive stew simmer session, these stainless steel steam & boil kits are made to handle the flame: big or small. You will never experience this grade of quality until you try it. So…What are you waiting for, order yours today?

Did somebody order up steamed crawdad or spicy shrimp gumbo? Well, since you are here, you might as well set up shop and throw down with your Bayou Classic steam & boil kit what is better than superior: Perfection. That is what you get when you use a Bayou Classic kit. Do not let another day pass without treating yourself to a better cooking experience. It is more than another set of pots and pans. Earn your Cooking BS without all the BS. Graduate and become a Flavour Doctor with Bayou Classic.

These stainless steel steam and boil kits come complete with stockpot, perforated basket, jet cookers with stainless hose and regulator.
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