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Cast Iron Cookware, Reversible Cast Iron Griddles & Cast Iron Skillets in Canada

Cast Iron Skillets & Reversible Cast Iron Griddles

Your search for cast iron skillets in Canada is over! At Bayou Classic Canada we offer many types of cast iron cookware that can be used indoors and outdoors. Included in our selection are these pre-seasoned cast iron skillets and reversible griddles that you can start to use the minute they arrive at your door. Take these cast iron pieces with you camping and use over an open flame, at home you can use them on an electric stove (they are induction compatible), in the oven, or with just about any available heat source.

Our selection of cast iron skillets and cookware from Bayou Classic will let you create food the way it should be - with flavour. NEVER sacrifice durability, versatility, or taste for one or the other again. Put your trust and food in Bayou Classic cookware and find out what it is like to cook. Up until now, you have only been warming your food.

So.... if you are looking for cast iron skillets or enameled cast iron cookware in Canada you have come to the right place. We have singles and sets, large and small, with or without lids and the enameled cast iron cookware is pretty enough to set on your dining room table. With proper care, these cast-iron frying pans will last for a generation or two.

Are cast iron skillets too confining for your food? Then try one of our reversible cast iron griddles, they have many uses and are a great way to keep the whole gang fed. One side will allow you to cook fattier foods and allow the grease to drain, or use it for making those excellent grill marks on your meat. The flat side is perfect for eggs, pancakes, even grilled cheese sandwiches. Want to make some paninis while out camping? Start preparing your paninis while pre-heating two reversible griddles. Once your paninis are ready and your cast iron griddles are hot, place your panini on the grill side and place the other griddle on top (grill side down) and add some weight to the top griddle if you want. Keep an eye on your paninis and if needed, flip the griddles over to add more heat to the top side of your sandwich.
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Is there a difference between cast iron frying pans and skillets, or are they the same only called different names?

Both pans have slightly slanted sides and a flat bottom, and many round cast iron skillets also have a spout that allows you to pour out any liquids contents. Most cooks will tell you that a frying pan is for frying and searing foods, and you stew, grill or roast using a skillet. Use these cast iron skillets for many different styles of cooking. So, don't let the name of the pan deter you from using these cast-iron beauties to their fullest.