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Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

Your search for enameled cast iron cookware in Canada is over. These Dutch ovens, skillets, baking dishes and the fajita pan are pretty enough to set on your dining room table. Perfect for any occasion, they also offer even heat distribution and retention, plus are available in different sizes and colours.

Cast iron casserole dishes or as many choose to call them Dutch ovens, can be used on the stove, in the oven, even outdoors on your grill. Not only can you cook and bake in them, but they are also so versatile that you can serve from them. That's right, and they will look great on your table while helping to maintain the heat of your food.
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The interior and exterior surface area on these pieces of cast iron cookware are enameled. You should use nylon, bamboo, wooden or silicone utensils, as using metal could cause damage after extended use. Cleaning and care is similar to your regular cast iron cookware.

You get the same great features using enameled cast iron as you do with traditional cast iron cookware - even heat distribution and heat retention. The only difference being, enameled cast iron cookware is elegant enough to place on and serve from your dining room table.