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Stainless Steel Brew Kettles & Stainless Steel Kettle Sets

Stainless Steel Brew Pots and Brew Kettle Sets

That’s it! The time is now! You have finally decided to join the brewing world and are ready to throw a flavour-spin on your very own homebrew. We know: It is exciting! Go ahead and look around. These sturdy, stainless steel kettle sets and brew pots are designed to outperform most commercial grade cookware and made readily available to you - the at-home Brewmaster. You have your hops, malts, yeasts, and have already selected a few of your favourite flavours to add. Now you all you need is one of these kickass Bayou Classic stainless steel brew pots. Where else are you going to find the most complete and high-quality stainless steel kettle sets, then right here from Bayou Classic Canada.

Do not sacrifice taste, quality, and integrity for a bargain, these brew pots stand tall and deliver excellence with every use. Can you afford to have your next batch come out a terrible mess? We didn't think so. Make sure you are brewing with the best equipment, and a stainless steel brew pot is the go-to for homebrewers around the world.

Take a look at our outdoor propane brewing burners; there are Bayou Classic brew pots that fit all of them. Take a look at this compatibility chart so that you know you are selecting the correct propane burner for your brew pot's diameter and capacity.
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Some Questions and Answers
  • Can these stainless steel pots be used on a stove?
  • Yes they may be used on a stovetop or on one of our burners

  • Why do some your pots have spigots?

  • Using a spigot on your brew pot makes it easier to transfer the liquid to another vessel such as a fermenter.

  • Do I really need a thermometer on my brew kettle?

  • Yes and No. While you don't need a thermometer attached to your brew pot, you will need a thermometer of some sort in order to accurately measure the temperature of your wort.

  • Why is the temperature of the wort important?

  • The temperature of your wort is important so that you know when to add your grains and hops. Plus, you will need to know the temp prior to transferring to your fermenter in order to pitch the yeast.