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Stainless Steel Fryer Baskets

Stainless Steel Fryer Baskets & Deep Fryer Covers

Sometimes the standard fryer basket is not enough for your deep fryer so why settle for anything less than what you want, right? That is why Bayou Classic has a wide selection of stainless steel fryer baskets, covers, and more for your Bayou deep fryers. Try a double fryer basket for large batches or add more baskets and add some variety to your fry time. Having additional stainless steel fryer baskets allows you to fry chicken and potatoes at the same time, or get the next batch of food ready to go into the oil bath. Efficiency is the key, and Bayou Classic has what you need to get you there. Go beyond dreaming and start deep frying with your new Bayou Classic fryer with a select variety of stainless steel baskets, to understand the full meaning of frying perfection. If you are going to play in the fire, make sure you do it with a Bayou Classic. Trusted for years, built to survive.
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